—ENUFF (2023 Update)—

I, Chris, spent 25 years as an Ontario sheep producer and for much of that time was very involved with producing wool for handspinners. I sold the last of my sheep in 2008 and discontinued my fibre business activities as I switched my focus to academic studies related to my increasing interests in human health care after becoming a PSW (personal support worker) in 2004. I have continued to spin some myself, have met regularly in the past few years with members of an informal local fibre artist group, and was a member of the Kingston Handloom Weavers and Spinners guild. My husband and I sold our farm and moved to Vancouver Island in late August of 2022 to be nearer to two of our daughters. I brought about five hundred pounds of both raw and processed wool with me when I moved. I have always thought retirement would give me more time to enjoy working with my fibre. However, it is yet unknown how much energy, space, and time I will have to learn and develop fibre related crafts here. Therefore, I am hoping to sell much of my fibre “stash”. I have white and coloured rovings and yarns available in a variety of natural shades and characters which were processed at a few different mills. I also still have a large quantity of raw fleece. I plan on continuing to get it carefully sorted and skirted, but I am willing to sell or barter very small or larger quantities of this raw wool to those who might want to “play with” a bit of it, have a more major project in mind, or might want to join with me on a custom processing order. Wellington Fibres in Ontario has bartered for some of my coloured wool (for use in their blending orders) in part exchange for the processing of some of my fibre. In the winter of 2022, I got a large order of “frosted” white and natural coloured two-tone roving processed at Frankenmouth Mill in Michigan. Similar roving (which is now out of stock) was my best-selling product in years past.
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Contact information:   Christine English
Phone: 613-929-5635 enuffchris@gmail.com
3310 B Arrowsmith Road, Nanaimo, BC V9T 5V3