Fleece & Roving

Recently Shorn and Showing Their True Colours

Fleece is available in white and a wide range of colours. They range from medium fine to medium strong with most in the finer medium strong category. Most have nice luster, defined crimp, and a silky hand. Sheep were not coated, but care was taken to keep them as clean as possible. Fleeces are sold very well skirted. Whole fleeces usually weighed from four to eight pounds.  Volume discounts, part fleeces, and less expensive wools may be available. Every attempt is made to match the fleece to the requirements of the purchaser.  A good description of the type of fleece desired is helpful. Feedback from my customers is appreciated. I was a supplier to spinners and felters from 1990 to 2008, and had a very positive response to my products.  Though I encouraged the return of unsatisfactory fleece, this never happened!  Fleece is also available washed and carded into roving in a range of natural colours and strengths including a light and dark two tone roving that spins into a wonderful variegated yarn.  A small amount of dyed roving in primary colours may also be available. The price depends on the overall quality and colour of the fibre and the amount wanted and will be comparable to that of other local vendors.