The Farm

Out on Pasture in 2005

Enuff  Farm was located north-west of  Kingston  in Ontario, Canada.  It moved to a location near Enterprise in January of 2002 and the last of the flock was sold in 2008.  The farm property consisted of 56 acres of pasture and rough land with wooded areas and a creek with beaver ponds located on the edge of the Canadian Shield and decorated with granite boulders scattered on top of limestone overlaying granite. The timber frame house and barns date from the middle of the nineteenth century.  Enuff Farm once marketed sheep for breeding and wool production, freezer lamb, white and natural coloured handspinning and felting fleece and roving, tanned sheepskins, and yarn.  About half of the animals in the flock were registered Romneys. The remainder were percentage Romneys many of which contained  Icelandic genetics. About half the flock was white. The remainder consisted of patterned and solid coloured animals in a range of colours including: true brown (in the moorit Icelandic crosses); nearly black or chocolate; and an incredible range of tweeds and greys from dark to pastel, silver to tan. Animals were not entered in shows, but fleeces were. They have won ribbons in major U.S. and Ontario shows. In 1996 we became the first farm to win both the grand champion and reserve grand champion fleece awards at Ontario’s Sheep Focus and did so again in 1997.  I have exhibited champion and reserve champion fleeces at Toronto’s Royal Winter Fair and at the Eastern States Exposition in Massachusetts.